Living Beings in the Fourth Dimension


Fourth Spatial Dimension

Are there dimensions beyond our 3D world? Is there a 4th spatial dimension in which living beings can exist? These questions are considered above. This is an unfinished work. I hope to show that there may be other living beings all around us, the long sought after aliens, but not in distant galaxies, contrarily quite close to us, just one dimension beyond us.

One philosophic question this essay implies is, of course, religious in nature. Topologically there is no reason why we can't have infinite dimensionality. Does this imply that there might be a being that has this property? If there are beings in a 4th dimension, then why not a 5th dimension? A 6th dimension, on and on up to an infinite dimensionality. And yes, we run right into the idea that there might an infinite being present in all spatial dimensions. I avoid this question in this essay. Though, I am sure there are those that would exploit topology to such an end.