São Leibowitz (para o livro Cântico de São Leibowitz)

Saint Leibowitz (from the book Canticle of Saint Leibowitz)

De: Jorge Ben Jor

Tradução: Ken Wais

By Jorge Ben Jor

Translation: Ken Wais



O primeiro mecanismo de

controle transistorial

The first mechanism of control is transistors

Para elmento Seis B

For the element Six B

São Lebowitz. escreveu

Saint Leibowitz, he wrote

São Lebowitz, escondeu

Saint Leibowitz, he hid it

Se você achar, desse tesouro, e souber usar

If you think of this treasure, and know to use it

Sera bem amado e abençoado

You will love it good and be blessed.

Se você achar desse tesouro, e não souber usar

If you think of this treasure, and don’t know to use it

ta danado, ta danado

You are lost, you are lost


Oh boy why do I love everything Jorge makes! The guy with the strange Jewish-Catholic sounding name is the principal protagonist in the book I mention above. I am reading it now, and it’s a gripping view of the future.  Jorge Ben’s song makes it all the more intriguing.