Na rua, na chuva, na fazenda (para o filme Cidade de Deus)

In the street, in the rain, on the farm (from the film City of God)



N�o estou disposto

I am not likely

A esquecer seu rosto de vez

To forget your face in time

E acho que � t�o normal

And I think that is only normal

Dizem que sou louco

They say that I�m crazy

Por eu ter um gosto assim

For me to like this

Gostar de quem n�o gosta de mim

To like someone that doesn�t like me

Jogue suas m�os para o c�u e agrade�a se acaso tiver

Throw your hands in the air and thankful by chance I had become

Algu�m que voc� gostaria que

Someone that you would like that

Estivesse sempre com voc�

I would always be with you


Na rua, na chuva, na fazenda, ou no amar na casinha de Sape


In the street, in the rain, on the farm, or in love in Sape's little house.

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