Cantou de Simone

Sung by Simone

Composicoes: Carlinhos Brown

Composition: Carlinhos Brown



V-la num largo, largo longo, ,

In great, great longing I see there is is

Sinto-me teu mi

Your feeling for me

Traz aquilo que busco la longe

Bringing on that that long search

Ia no bar e vi

Dia nublado do Neblon, ,

Going into the bar, I can see

Its a cloudy day in Neblon its its

Pra dissecar malhas claras

Cut by a chain of light

Agua de chuva e sangue

Rainwater and blood

O que sera nossas caras

What will become of our cares



No sei de vai, mas sai

I dont know where Im going, but I know Im going out

Fala ful, proesia...oa

The mulatto says in prose...oa: (not sure of this)

Seja dique e va nadando

Id like to be a dike but still go swimming

Fala ful, proesia, i

Hard to translate not sure yet

Ouo os sinos repicando

I hear the bells ringing

Fala ful, proesia... e no


No escute e va andando (rezando)

I dont listen and go walking (praying)

Fala ful, proesia,




Pray I, I (to)want pray

(I think she means to say in English) I want to pray or I want prayer

Ai, I want (to) pray



My translation here is not correct. So, I wont claim its authoratative. She uses phrases that are difficult for me even now after 20 years of studying Portuguese.


Ken Wais