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English translation: Ken Wais

Cebola cortada
Cut Onion
Escritors Petr�cio Maia - Clod�
Writers Petr�cio Maia - Clod� 
Sung by Fagner
O orvalho da noite, brinca na luz do luar
In the misty air of the night, the moon's light plays
Quem acredita em sereia, sabe os segredos do mar?
Who believes in the mermaid that knows the secrets of the sea?
A cachoeira cantando, � a can��o natural
The waterfall is singing the natural song
Sempre lembrando pra gente que amar nunca faz mal
Always remembering that people in love never do harm.
Teu amor � cebola cortada meu bem
Your love is a cut onion, my goodness.
Que logo me faz chorar
That soon makes me cry.
Teu amor � espinho de mandacaru
Your love is a cactus thorn
Que gosta de me arranhar
That likes to scratch me
Teu olhar � cacimba barrenta meu bem
Your gaze is a clay-colored well, my goodness
Que eu gosto de espiar
That I like to catch 
(espy actually)

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